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Posted by Biddle on 08/01/2017 21:00
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Good evening ladies,

For the upcoming NationCup XX, the Urban Zone will have a sponsor once again, Sachka and the HD Développement team will continue to support Urban Terror in order to provide you all with a very nice competition. This year's signups have been an unexpected success and the level of the cup will be reaching some records. We'll try to combine that with a great coverage for a better player and spectator experience. Rumour had it, we will indeed have, for the very first year, a true cashprize for the NationsCup: not less than 700€ will be shared between the NationsCup winners. And guess what, that might not actually be all we have to say about prizes... Smile


400€ 200€ 100€

To improve the event's gaming experience, we organized a vote in order to decide the system that should be used in the cup's groupstage phase. The result was clear, a majority of teams want to play the Swiss system, which is ideal for 16 teams. But as always, latecomers are a thing, and a couple teams decided to pop out at the very last minute. This year will count two more teams in the list : Team Italy and Team Venezuela.

We now have 18 teams for a NationsCup where participants voted for a 16 teams (2^n) format. There is no decent interesting way of playing a tournament with 18 teams, so in order to keep the tournament appealing, we'll go with a primary qualifier phase in order to reduce the number of teams to 16.

We seeded every team based on their previous results, player accomplishments and activity, continuity in the line-up and team expectations. That qualifier phase will include the 8 lowest seeded teams: they'll face each other, teams will play up to 2 matches : win one match and you're qualified, lose 2 and you're out of the tournament.

So here are the 10 teams directly qualified for the groupstage:

Team Argentina, Team Belgium, Team Brazil, Team Canada, Team France
Team Germany, Team Italy, Team Netherlands, Team Portugal, Team USA

Winter Cup 2016

Posted by Gost0r on 17/12/2016 00:00
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Dear UrT fraggers,

as of today you are able to register for our last 2016 Urban Terror tournament: Winter Cup 2016. The cup will be lasting a few weeks, from December 14th till January 16th, and expect it to be sprinkled with special events. To get in the thick of it, you can already know that we will be hosting a very special event quite fast, the Christmas KnockOut!

All of you already read the NationsCup announcement, but we would give you a little reminder as well as developing other points further.
The captain applications have to be sent in before Sunday, December 18th (23:00 CET). Regarding the possibility of Nation regroupments for small countries they will be looked into and adressed, but don't expect too much on that, we will be very strict and selective on them. Regroupments that have been made in the past can obviously be made again

2 vs 2 Tournament #3 - Sponsored by HD Développement

Posted by SevenofNine on 13/11/2016 21:00
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Competitors, join #2v2 on Quakenet (IRC) at 13:30 CET and follow instructions. Confirm participation etc, back-up teams #17 and later, join as well! You might get to play still!

It's been years since Urban Zone had a sponsor and this is the first time we are sponsored in a financial way. We'd like to thank Sachka of HD Développement, a french company specialising in sponsorship and event organisation, for their support of the Urban Terror community. Read more about this company at the end of this article. The intention is to make this a prolonged partnership, primarily focusing on the 2vs2 tournament. Every Sunday around the 20th of the month we'll organise a tournament with a prize pool of at least €100.

Upcoming Sunday (20-11) at 14:00 CET we'll kickoff with yet another 16 clan 2on2 bonanza, this time on Urban Terror 4.3. Signups open Wednesday the 16th at 12:00 CET. The four finalists (Essence, Saiyajin, b00bs, FreneticZ) of prior 2on2 events can contact an admin to "jump the cue".

Read more

Seasons 29/22/13

Posted by Biddle on 05/11/2016 12:00
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It's now time to announce the very last details for the first games to kick off.

Note that the default time for BM matches is Wednesday 21:00 (9 PM) CET, CTF on is Sunday, 21:00 (9 PM) CET and on Sunday, 22:00 (10 PM) CET for TS.


They will be your people of first contact, so do not hesitate to approach them. They can be contacted in the league channel - #urban-zone or on our Discord server. If the supervisor for your division happens to be unreachable, talk to any other referee or staff member. Here is the complete list of your devoted referees:

Bomb Cup - Sailormoon & Biddle
Group A - Biddle & Sailormoon
Group B - Gost0r & Eya
Division 2 EU - Gost0r & Slide
Division 2 NA - Arexo & Zmb
Division 3 NA - Arexo & Kyr0s

BM League head supervisors are Biddle & SailorMoon.
CTF League head supervisors are Gost0r & SailorMoon.
TS League head supervisors are SailorMoon & Biddle.

Server Configs

With 4.3, the server config files need to be updated to play matches! Please notify your server admins and clean leaders to do so asap. Also, ut4_knigdom_rc6 AND ut4_paris_v2 should be deleted from player & server directories!
The server configs can be downloaded here (direct download) or in our configs section. All matches must be played with the Urban Zone configs, so please inform you clan leaders or server hosts about the new config file.

4.3 release & current season

Posted by Biddle on 02/10/2016 02:15
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Given the serious fps and lag issues on UrT 4.3, Urban Zone league matches are to be played on the 4.2.023 version.

- Nevertheless, if, and only if both teams agree, the match can be played on the new 4.3 version.

- Using the updater, under File > Settings > Version, you can revert back to 4.2, or grab the Full ZIP again.

- Urban Zone can provide EU 4.2 servers on request for teams who would have already switched.

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