Urban Zone Master Series on the way

Posted by Biddle on 09/12/2014 03:00
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It's already December and we are close to the finish line of the season.
At the beginning of the season, we were planning a first: hosting a season final in which the winners of each gametype league would have had to face each other in order to decide the winner. However, we decided to change our plans when we noticed a lot of drop-outs which resulted in a lower than expected number of matches. To address that, we are gonig to host an eight-cup in multiple gametypes, whose winner shall be crowned as the winenr of this 2014 winter/autumn season.
The teams invited to this cup are the b00bs, who finished first in both TS and BM without losing a single match in either of them; Ginger engineer, which finished first in CTF, undefeated as well. We then have freneticZ, z2x and Wave The Flag, the teams which took the second place in TS, BM and CTF respectively. Aera and Hash, are invited as well, taking the third place in TS and CTF. Completing the list is the team Gore, as winner of the second divison of TS.

We're approaching the season end!

Posted by Biddle on 23/11/2014 16:00
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Good evening folks!

We are getting close to the end of this Urban Zone season. There are a few matches left unplayed which could result in a double forfeit if they are not played by the 26th of November. If your team has an issue getting in contact with your opponent, please notify a referee to try to get it resolved. If you notice some of your matches have disappeared, don't worry, this is due to us removing some inactive teams.


If the time or date does not suit your team, contact your opponents ASAP in order to reschedule and state it on your match fixtures.

With winter and christmas catching upon us, it also means it's going to be time for our previously announced Master Series and a slightly revisited version of our traditional Winter Cup! We have many exciting weeks lined up for this Winter before the long awaited 2015's Nations Cup edition can take place!
Stick around and stay tuned for further information.

Thanks for the great season!

Division Supervisors and Server Configs

Posted by Biddle on 01/10/2014 15:30
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It's now time to announce the very last details for the first games to kick off. You will find out in this news who are your division supervisors, a link to the new server CFGs, and some additional informations.


As usual, we appointed division supervisors for each division. They will be your people of first contact, so do not hesitate to approach them. Their contact emails are all the same name@urban-zone.org and they can be contacted in the league channel - #urban-zone. If the supervisor for your division happens to be unreachable, talk to any other referee or staff member, we are all opped in the league channel. And here is the complete list of your devoted referees:

Division 1 - BOMBCTFTS - Nikkerz, SailorMoon & SevenofNine
Division 2 - BOMBCTFTS - Blutch, Czybka & Gost0r
Division 3 - BOMBCTFTS - Biddle, Falco & WidowMaker
Division 4 - TS - eya_allam, szejdi
Division 5 - TS - Cody, KJT & Zoro

Server Configs

After having a poll running over 2 weeks, it has been decided to add a strat time of 5 seconds in BOMB and TS game types. The server configs have consequently been updated and can now be downloaded here (direct download) or in our configs section. All matches must be played with the Urban Zone configs, so please inform you clan leaders or server hosts about the new config file.

NB: Please note that the default time for all of the games this season is 21:00 (9 PM) CET. In the TS league, some fixtures have the wrong time set, but referees will use the default time when forcing matches.

If you have any questions, contact directly the referee of your division or ask your question in the league channel - #urban-zone (irc.quakenet.org) and don’t forget to idle there. You can use this web IRC client to join the channel. Please be patient though. It may take a few minutes before someone answers and sometimes you will have to ask two times.

Further information on the comming season

Posted by Biddle on 16/09/2014 20:00
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Rule Changes

Strat Time
A new feature is being introduced to UrbanTerror 4.2.019, as well as to the Urban-Zone league this season: Strategic Time (Strat Time). With Strat Time enabled, teams will now be allowed a short pause (as in a few seconds) before the start of each individual round in BOMB and TS gamemodes, rather than getting straight into the match. This will give team captains the necessary time to issue brief, relevant instructionts to their teams at round start, ie. deciding on various rushes to different locations or choosing the site at which the bomb will be planted.
Please give your feedback in comment or through out the running poll.

Limited number of maps choice in a season
The rule regarding map choices during the league sparked much debate. After considering the points of view put forward to us by the community, we have decided to remove the rule which forced teams to play a selected map only once per season. There won't be any map restrictions in the upcoming season. This decision has been carefully debated by staff and will be closely monitored, as with all our current rules. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to contact any member of our staff on the IRC channel #urban-zone on QuakeNet.

Urban Zone Master Series
Last season the playoffs were omitted from the Urban-Zone rules. Teams were losing interest playing once it was not longer possible to qualify for the playoff; there were also cases in which qualified teams failed to show up. This lead to a rather lackluster ending. This is where the Urban Zone Master Series (UZ MS) comes in!

At the end of each season, once the winner of the first Division in each gametype is decided, the Master Series will take place. The three winners* of each of the three leagues (BOMB, CTF, TS) will get the chance to face each other in series of games. The winning team will receive the "Urban Zone Grand Master" title.

Teams will face each other in a best of three (BO3) match, choosing their map and gametype. The top two teams will qualify to the Grand Final, which will be a BO3 or BO5, depending on what the teams decide.

*If a teams wins two or more leagues, the second place teams in this respective leagues will have to play a BO3 qualifier match, with each gametype per map.

PS: For the season to be of greater fun we are still looking for more motivated players to help out. Want to be a referee or cameraman ? You are a streamer, shoutcaster, news writter, 2D artist or movie maker ?
Please contact a staff member on #Urban-Zone @ Quakenet.

New season signups open NOW!!

Posted by Biddle on 08/09/2014 18:02
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Signups for season 22/15/7 are finally open, and open from now until the 24th of September, so get your line ups ready and let’s kick off the games!

We welcome all suggestions and contributions from the community to work together on improving our league and ensure the new season is the best yet! We hope to provide live coverage of many key games as well as promoting debate over shock results and key games from the world of UrT!

Divisions will once again be supervised by our League Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via the PM function on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone.
On a side note, if you are interested in helping out the league feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted. We’re especially looking for some referees, artists, shoutcsaters and streamers!

1/ The signups will close on Wednesday September 24. Divisions should be posted on Friday September 26 and we'll kick off straight away with our round 1 from monday 29th till sunday the 5th.
2/ You will need a minimum of 5 players to join the league.
3/ To sign up - see the top of the front page or click on the COMPETITION menu. Select the competition you want to sign up for. Now click the “chain link” button (you can see the text “sign up” when you hover your mouse over it) next to the competition you want and you will be signed up!
4/ Do not forget to edit your roster, set inactive all players who won't play, add all new players, and edit permissions for your trusted players and arrangers.
5/ Make sure your teammates set up their auth correctly (no capital letters) on their Player Profile. Instructions can be found here.
6/ Sign-up instructions for NEW team leaders and registration instructions for other players can be found in our manual here.
7/ Do not forget to fill in your team contact information in this website (team website, irc channel, contact email, etc.) – if we are unable to contact you and verify your signup, you will be removed from signups.

ALL players in all leagues have to be registered. Multiclanning within one competition is not allowed. However, players are allowed to play in one CTF team, another BOMB team, and yet another TS team. Do not – repeat: DO NOT – create accounts for your teammates. We are able to reference IP addresses and your team will not be allowed to sign up if we find one person faking accounts for others. Because we also have clans competing from outside Europe we want clans to set the correct country flag. Also we expect all players to know the rules and abide by them, so (re)acquaint yourself with them. The version posted in each event at the moment will be updated in the coming days but there will be no major changes other than to map lists.

Small rule changes, more details on the competition, division Supervisors will be revealed in due course, so stay tuned on www.urban-zone.org !

Hope to see you competing soon!

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