Urban Zone Summer Cup Rules

1. Introduction
This cup is for 5on5 in all team gametypes. Teams play as much or as little as they desire and collect points. At the end of the season the winner is determined by the highest number of points.

Capture The Flag
Two maps of 10 + 10 minutes.
Capture And Hold
Two maps of 10 + 10 minutes.
Follow the Leader
Two maps of 10 + 10 minutes.
Team Survivor
Two maps of 20 minutes.
Team Deathmatch
Two maps of 8 + 8 minutes.
Bomb Mode
Two maps of 10 + 10 rounds.
Configs for each gametype can be downloaded HERE and HERE.

Win = 5 points
Draw = 3 points
Loss = 1 point
No show = 0 points

CUP 1.A Allowed Players
Teams may only have people in their line-up who are on the squad list of that clan. Different from other Urban Zone competitions, each team is entitled to more than one substitute, as long as the server allows it. Both teams should have the opportunity to have the same number of substitutes. Three substitutes is the maximum.

For all other rules, please consult regular league rules.

Regular Rules