Winter Cup 2018

Posted by Biddle on 18/01/2018 23:45
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Dear Players,

With temperatures freezing everything, UZ needed a bit longer to warm up this year.
So, better late than never, Urban Zone is reviving the UrT competitive scene in 2018!

Winter Fun Cup (WFC)

Winter Pro Cup (WPC)

That cup will be dedicated to fun, chill and relax games, the teams will be able to choose the mode they want to play.
- Game type: Bomb & Defuse (BM), Team Survivor (TS), Freeze Tag (FT)
- Tournament format: Groupe Stage + Playoffs
- Rules: One transfer per player per team. You can more in rules here

That cup will be dedicated to serious and try harder players, the teams will only be able to choose the same map once, like in league div1.
- Game type: Team Survivor (TS)
- Tournament format: Groupe Stage + Playoffs (8 teams max)
- Rules: No player transfers between two teams allowed.

So if you want to bomb or freeze down your enemies, hit Signup here! Sound's fun and challenging? Wait no more and Signup here!

Battle Jump - Review of the first period.

Posted by SachkaHDDEV on 22/11/2017 00:38
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Ⅰ➤ The elimination of Stupz, flawless performance of TheKiller on his 5 HoF, the first part of the competition of Battle Jump is very eventful...Let’s summarize together the first part of this event.

So here we are ! Time is up ! We are are surprised to see that some of the favorites have dropped out of the competition. Needless to say that we are pretty excited by this tournament beginning, TheKiller hits us hard with his 5 perfect HOF in the leet division, maybe discouraging some veterans like Stupz or even Stoja who dropped out of the competition despite most people rooting for Stupz as victorious !
In the Basic and Novice division, we also have a lot of favorite who gave up on the podium like Madox or even Lagtronics in the Basic division or Tranc3r and Jerem31 in the Novice division.

Ⅱ➤ For the second part of the tournament, we are back with the best jumper of each division !

Today we officially open the right for each participants to give it one more try instead of two like we wanted at first.
We’ve got many more projects in work and that’s the reason we have decided to change from 2 bonus tries to 1 only, we believe the tournament has been running for a long time already !
As of this date (date of the publication of this post) for two weeks you will be able to record and send us one more demo for each map, this is not an obligation, if you believe you did your best already or that you cannot do better. In the event you send us a new demo anyway for a map, if the time of the first demo was better, the time of your first demo will then be kept.

We thank you and wish you good luck, may the best win !

Jump Battle - Map announcement

Posted by Biddle on 23/10/2017 00:45
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Hello everyone !

We present to you the official maps that will be played during the tournament, there are five maps for each of the 3 divisions (novice/basic/leet), from the easiest to the hardest.

We would like to ask you to make sure you have chosen the right division before completing your registration. An admin will be in charge to validate every inscriptions, however, if an admin think you’ve picked the wrong division, you shall be contacted in order to sort it out with you.

We hope that the maps picked for this tournament will please everybody and we’re impatient to see you tomorrow for the beginning of the inscriptions and the beginning of the tournament.

Battle Jump Tournament

Posted by SevenofNine on 15/10/2017 14:00
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It's been a long time since the Urban Terror community has put together a proper jump related event. To remedy that, Sachka and Hugo are organizing the Battle Jump Tournament, hosted here on the Urban Zone website. Everybody from beginner to skilled jumper is welcome to participate.
There will be three different divisions in which people with the same skill level compete against each other, on maps with matching complexity and difficulty level. The goal is to be the fastest in your bracket to finish the maps.
The tournament will span several weeks and multiple maps will be played in each division. To participate, it is necessary that you are using an Urban Terror account and that you are registered on the Urban Zone website.
For this first edition of the Battle Jump Tournament , the organizers offer €50 to the winner of each division. In the next few days you will be able to access the rules as well as the official list of maps that will be played.
Good luck and lots of fun to all the participants !

October 18 - Contest rules published on the Urban Zone website
October 20 - Maps list announced on Urban Zone and
October 21 - Registrations open on the Urban Zone website

If you have any questions, you're very welcome to contact the event organizers on their Discord server:

Urban-Zone needs you!

Posted by SevenofNine on 07/08/2017 14:00
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At Urban-Zone we have a long-standing tradition of people helping out with the leagues, cups and special events as referee’s, admins, streamers, shoutcasters, GTV cameramen etc. With the declining player base, it wasn’t necessary to have much staff on hand. But some of us are focusing our free time on different projects, for instance Gost0r is putting more of his time into urt5.

Now we’re looking for:

- Referee’s
Traditionally a referee, is the first point of contact for the clans in your division(s). Together with an admin you will make the decisions about the day to day running of your division. If you prefer a different route you could also manage special events such as KNOCKOUT, 2vs2 tournaments, skeetshoot, and other events which you can think of (jumping?).

- Streamers, shoutcasters and GTV cameramen
These type of staff members are always sought after. Especially since short one or two-day events are very popular!

If you are interested in this please send a short motivation to us before the 25th of August at and we’ll get back to you! If you got questions feel free to contact us through IRC or discord.

Furthermore, with a reshuffle in staff we’re also interested in your thoughts as to the future of Urban-Zone. Several discussion points have been prepared on this forum thread.

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