Battle Jump - Review of the first period.


Ⅰ➤ The elimination of Stupz, flawless performance of TheKiller on his 5 HoF, the first part of the competition of Battle Jump is very eventful...Let’s summarize together the first part of this event.

So here we are ! Time is up ! We are are surprised to see that some of the favorites have dropped out of the competition. Needless to say that we are pretty excited by this tournament beginning, TheKiller hits us hard with his 5 perfect HOF in the leet division, maybe discouraging some veterans like Stupz or even Stoja who dropped out of the competition despite most people rooting for Stupz as victorious !
In the Basic and Novice division, we also have a lot of favorite who gave up on the podium like Madox or even Lagtronics in the Basic division or Tranc3r and Jerem31 in the Novice division.

Ⅱ➤ For the second part of the tournament, we are back with the best jumper of each division !

Today we officially open the right for each participants to give it one more try instead of two like we wanted at first.
We’ve got many more projects in work and that’s the reason we have decided to change from 2 bonus tries to 1 only, we believe the tournament has been running for a long time already !
As of this date (date of the publication of this post) for two weeks you will be able to record and send us one more demo for each map, this is not an obligation, if you believe you did your best already or that you cannot do better. In the event you send us a new demo anyway for a map, if the time of the first demo was better, the time of your first demo will then be kept.

We thank you and wish you good luck, may the best win !

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