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déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:26] The history of team poland is longer than my existance in the urt community, so i cant tell u, what was before i came to urt, but as i remember there was not that much polish teams and pl national team consisted mainly of +SG+ players. I know that bociam was team poland captain and as the only one, reached 3rd place (the only place on stage for pl) in NC.

déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:27] What about the newest history, pl national team ends adventure in almost every NC in ¼ final, which is good for some ppl and bad for another. I was the cpt of pl national team 2 times in a row (2 and 3 yrs ago) and we ve ended like usual, in ¼ and actually last year we had the same result. If u wanna get more info about our history, try to ask me some more specific question ;] déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:35] I remember one match, which was bad for pl team but really good for the gtv viewers. We were playing ¼ with team Portugal, both ctf and ts. Our gametype was ctf, as Portuguese players are not that much strong in ctf. We won it easily, we had our chance in ts but we lost. So the tie-breake time comes. U know, I don’t really remember how many of these we played, but the match started at 22pm and finished

déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:35] at 1am. Maybe it was like 3 tie-breake parts, 2 times ended with a draw on a map (bomb mode ofc) and the last one lost by polish team. But the most epic thing there was, that it was the last round, 3v1 for pl team, so there was 3 of pl players and 1 pt player (m0rtal u motherfucker Wink ) and m0rtal did something amazing and won this round, giving pt team place in semifinal. It was unlucky for us at this tim

déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:37] e, but for know I got pretty good memories of this match, coz it should be remembered by many ppl as one of the most epic matches in the NC history.

déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:42] I don’t have any of my best moments in my NC history, coz we have never ended on a stage Razz The only thing I still remember is this ¼ match I have described above.

déc. 30 12:06:26 [07:36:47] Few years ago NC was for me like 10 euro for 8 yrs old kid – I wanted be there, just because. Now its good for checking players skill, coz it’s the stronges event with the best players from all over the world and we have to treat it like really good fun, not like a thing we have to win. Play with fun and good team atmosphere and u will get better results than u can imagine.

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