Factors That Impact The Output Of The Crusher

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Factors That Impact The Output Of The Crusher

Post Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2022 8:22 am

The crusher is an indispensable equipment for the sand and gravel production line. The production capacity of the crusher directly determines the quality and yield of the entire production line. The following crusher parts wholesaler, crusher parts manufacturer What factors affect crusher production?

1. Wear resistance of wearing parts

The so-called wear parts are the essential functional parts of the crusher, such as the jaw crusher jaw plate, the impact crusher plate hammer and the hammer head of the hammer crusher. These parts are often subject to forces and are easy to install. If they are not updated, they will affect the breaking capacity and also the operation of the machine.

Second, the hardness of the material

The harder the material, the harder it is to break and the greater the wear on the equipment. Also, during the crushing process, the whole machine operation will be slower and the crushing time will be longer, which will weaken the crushing capacity.

3. The composition of the material

The finer the powder contained in the raw material, the more crushing is affected, because these fine powders adhere easily and affect the transportation. Therefore, these high subdivision materials must be pre-selected once.

Fourth, the moisture of the material:

When the moisture content of the material is high, the material easily adheres to the crusher, and it is also easy to get stuck during the feeding and conveying process, leading to a reduction in crushing ability. Also, after grinding materials with high humidity, there will generally be adhesions and the equipment should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting future grinding.

5. Fineness requirements for finished materials

The higher the fineness requirement of the finished material, the more complicated the crushing process and the longer the time, which reduces the crushing capacity.

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