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README - Captain votes

README - Captain votes

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:24 pm
Author: Biddle Location: France

The forum has been unlocked for votes on December 31.

A few instructions on captain votes:

- Only votes of residents of the country the captain is running for are accepted.
- If you do not reside in the country but wish to vote, you will be required to prove you're a citizen.
- Accounts created less than 2 weeks ago can not vote.
- Your vote must be clear to be accepted (+1, I vote for this person, etc.)
- You may only vote once.
- Suspended players won't have the right to vote.

If your vote is accepted, it will be highlighted as ACCEPTED. Please don't fake the highlight, we'll know.

If we require some kind of confirmation or reject your vote, there will be a comment added to your vote. For example:

Admin Edit
According to our information you are not a national or inhabitant of the country you just voted for, if this is the case, please contact an admin on IRC to prove this and we'll approve your vote. Rules for voting.

Find the different vote posts here.

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