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GameZoo public urt/voip/ftp servers

GameZoo public urt/voip/ftp servers

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:20 pm
Author: Seven Location: Torino, Italia
Hello everyone,

After a bit of struggling and battling, I'm pleased to make these services available to UZ and urt community in general:

Urban Terror gameservers

calculon.gamezoo.it:27960 (-=S&D=- CTF 4.1.1)
calculon.gamezoo.it:27961 (TS, administered by GameZoo)
calculon.gamezoo.it:27962 (TS, administered by GameZoo and [IMD] clan)
calculon.gamezoo.it:27963 (TS, administered by GameZoo and [NIW] clan)
calculon.gamezoo.it:27964 (CTF, administered by GameZoo and [EO] clan)

There is another dedicated machine, flexo.gamezoo.it, that needs some love before going public.
Each gameserver has 256MB RAM reserved, and a patched executable with some of rambetter's patches. I'd like to thank him for his patches - this guy rocks.

Public VoIP servers

mumble.gamezoo.it (Mumble 1.2.3)
ts.gamezoo.it (Teamspeak 3)

They have some public rooms, plus private password-protected rooms.
They're configured to provide the maximum quality, so if bandwidth usage is a problem for you remember to set a reasonable limit in your client settings.

Public FTP

bender.gamezoo.it (unlimited bandwidth)

You'll find the usual goodies you need: maps, UZ packs, game and voip installers.
If you want to use it in your gameserver's cfg [code]sv_dlURL "ftp://bender.gamezoo.it/"[/code]
If you want more (game-related) things available for downloading, tell us.

All of this has been possible thanks to [url=http://www.gamezoo.it ]http://GameZoo [/url], a no-profit association based in Turin that supports online gaming. We need more associates, so if you like us consider becoming an associate yourself.

Our servers are in Turin, inside the top-ix.org server farm. That's a so-called "Internet Exchange" node, so we don't have bandwidth limits.

The gameservers are running on two HP ProLiant 4-core machines, with a very minimal Gentoo, raid0 disks, ethernet ifaces bonded.

Don't let you fool by the ".it" thing: Turin is linked with Lyon, Marseille and Zurich and has far less traffic than Milan's mix, so you won't get the usual .it gameserver effect. OTOH southern italians can have problems, since most of them go through Milan.



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