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Urban Zone Art Contest

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:02 pm
Author: eya_allam Location: Slovakia
The Urban Zone art needs to be freshened up and we decided to turn to our community and ask you to share your creations with us. That means that we decided to hold a contest for the new BANNER.

- We have had a few designs thus far but our logo is the one thing we do not want to change. Feel free to incorporate it into your banner design any way you want; all we ask it that you do not make significant changes to it. Attached you can find a zip file with the font and logos we use for Urban Zone.
- Another condition for accepting your entries is that you share your source files with us (the original .PSD file or equivalent, vector files are also very welcome).
- Though we are looking for the banner right now, eventually we would like the winner to make us some other, similarly themed artwork. And here is the list:

- Banner
dimensions 977 × 180
black fade zone on the right side (you can see how that works on the current image)

- Promotional buttons
A button that clans can put on their websites, showing that they play in Urban Zone, can be animated or not.

- User bars
For signatures on forums, can be animated or not.

- Logo
You can try to revamp the Urban Zone logo. We are very happy with the one we have now though so yours would have to be brilliant to win us over.

- Event banners and logos
Specific banners and logos for the CTF League, TS League, Bomb League, Summer Cup, Winter Cup, Skeetshoot Tournament, and any other special events we may introduce.

Selection process:
Admins and other staff with pick their favorite(s). If we really can't decide, we might ask the community for their input.

The prize:
Fame and glory (we all do this for free, there isn't much more we can offer other than full credit).

January 13, 2013
Send your files to admins [at] urban-zone.org , with in the subject : "Urban Zone Design Contest - yourname"

Good luck and thanks for participating.

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Re: Urban Zone Art Contest

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:27 pm
Author: G-staPRO Location: Russia
cool Smile
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