What to Do before a Match - General Tips for Clanleaders

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What to Do before a Match - General Tips for Clanleaders

Post Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:22 pm

Tombanius prepared these general tips for clanleaders to make your job before a war easier. Read and follow:

1. Make sure you are familiar with UZ rules. There is information about demos, substitutes, server operation, etc that you need to know.

2. Make sure your server has an UNEDITED UZ league config! (you can find it in Downloads)

3. Set a unique password on the server for each war. You don't want your past opponents, fans, or other people disrupting your match because they know the password you use all the time.

4. Check if your rosters are up-to-date; you don't want to lose points for nonroster or aliased players.

5. Remind your players that talking BS in war will most likely result in punishment. Even if you don't happen to exactly like your opponents, act at least neutrally for the integrity of the match. If you have a whine-prone player, make him unbind his public say button before the war. Anything else but GG, hi, gl hf and such by others than clan leaders during the war is unnecessary.

6. Check if your players can ping well to the server the match is played on BEFORE the match. If you cannot agree on a server with your opponent, ask for a league server EARLY ENOUGH!

7. Make a condump file before or during the match and send it to league @ urban-zone.org. It's simple if you have rcon to the server. Drop your console and type /clear. After that, type /rcon status upon which you will see connection info for all players. Now all you need to do is type /condump XYvsYZ.txt and the file will be stored in your Urban Terror q3ut4 folder. Find it after the game and send it to us. ( Summary: /clear /rcon status /condump XYvsYZ.txt ) To make things simpler for you, you can also take a screenshot of the status table.

Yes, we have a few league servers at our disposal. If you need a server to play in, talk to one of the referees.

Mid-War tips:

1. /timeout in console gives your team a pause(can only be done by the person who readied the team a.k.a. the person about whom it says "Mr. X is now the captain of red team"). If it is your captain that leaves/drops out of the server, someone else needs to type /captain in the console and then /timeout.
Timeout will automatically end at some point so if the player who has problems hasn't reconnected fast enough, prepare to do /timeout again. Also on some occasions timeouts cause respawn timers to break (with the rcon pause command these problems are very common so do NOT use that command). If the timers break, /reload the map AFTER the first half ends.

2. Record demos. Especially If there is no admin present, one of your members may want start recording a demo right from the moment you connect to the server to record possible bad behavior by your opponents or attempts to mislead you, have unreasonable demands or delay the game for extended periods with no apparent reason. (To do this type /recorddemo in console or use the assigned button, which is F12 by default.)

If you have any other suggestions or advice, please let us know.

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